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Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 30 Hair

This week I've been experimenting with hair accessories. 

I love hair accessories! 

As well as wearing my hair out. 

I went "clubbing" with my sister for a friend's birthday party last weekend and I wanted to wear my hair out. The initial idea was to do curls with the flexi rods but that didn't work out.

I had my 5K that same day so we couldn't put them in the night before. Then with trying to find something to wear and getting all glammed up we did it too late.

My sister did put the flexi rods in but I didn't have enough time to prep my hair or wait for them to dry. So instead of frowning at the huge 'fro I was left with, I embraced it. I put my hair in a side puff with a pompador style bang and a cute flower.

I love natural hair! 

It can be crinkly, curly, a 'fro, big, little...the options are endless. Since starting this HHCJ I haven't worn my hair out, at all, except for a few ponytails. So I completely forgot how big my hair can get

I didn't have a chance to take a pic of my hair that night. But I replicated it for my younger brother's graduation this past Thursday. My hair didn't come out quite as big (and these pics were taken at the end of a VERY long day) but you get the idea. Just imagine my hair twice as big and that's how it looked for the birthday party.

To re-create this look I just re-wet my hair. I was not about to have those flexi rods put back into my hair because it was too much work. Instead, I wet my hair in sections, detangled, and then applied some coconut oil

I then braided each section. Next time I will just twist each section because I don't need my hair to be super stretched out for this look. Plus, braids take forever to take out! I ended up having to finish my hair in the car, with no mirror, because I was running late. (No, I was not driving!

Once all the braids were removed I just separated and separated until the puff got as big as I wanted it.

The flower I got at TJ Max or JC Penny. It was on sale for $7. I picked up another one this weekend while my mother was finishing her Christmas shopping. I don't remember what department store it was but I got it for $5. It's actually cuter than the one in the above picture so I can't wait to rock it!  

Like I said: I love hair accessories! I've been meaning to pick up some but they are too expensive! Many of them are more than $10 and I refuse to pay that much for a flower or a headband. 

Plus, the two I have now double as broaches. So I will be using them on my scarves and cardigans! I know you can pick up cheap ones from Forever21 and places like that but I haven't had the time to get out there yet. 

Some people find the cutest ones at their local dollar store or hair store. I've been in both places where I live and haven't found a thing. So I will keep searching. 

But these things quickly glam up a simple style. If you don't wear hair accessories now I seriously encourage you to try them, regardless of your hair type.

Anyway, as far as my routine goes I'm thinking of trying something new. A few youtubers (I'm always quoting youtube because it's great for natural hair ideas) say they only twist their hair when it's dry. 

Their twists look fabulous so I'm going to give it a try. It works out perfectly because I don't plan on washing my hair this Sunday (Christmas). I plan on keeping these twists in until the Monday after Christmas.

I prepared my hair yesterday by doing the usual. I then divided it into sections and braided each section to keep it stretched out. I wore my beanie to work today and now will commence to twisting as I watch reruns of Teen Titans. I will definitely take pictures of the twists to let you know how it turns out.

It's funny because during the winter months people tend to cover up their hair with protective styles. But this past week I've enjoyed wearing my hair out. Actually, wearing it out made it so much easier to detangle. 

While I won't abandon my HHCJ, I'm discovering how much fun it can be to have natural hair!

Week 31 Hair

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