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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Current Weights Routine

The purpose behind this routine is to strengthen my lower body, paying special attention to my quads. I also want to give some attention to my arms.


These are all done from between 1-3 sets (10-15 repetitions). I usually start with 1 set then add a set each week. Once I get to 3 sets I increase the weights. Right now I'm using 3.5 kilos (or 7.5 pounds).

For all the exercises I've included a photo or a link to a video explaining how to do the exercises. This may seem like a simple circuit (and it is) but it burns like crazy!

Triangle push-up

Bench dip variation with one leg raised

Tricep extension


 For all of these exercises I do 1 set of 25 repetitions. If you'd like to know how to do these exercises I recommend you go to the same website I went to. They have pictures, descriptions and videos that can help you perform all the exercises I have listed below. 

Just go to the search bar and type in the name of the exercise. You can also do a simple google search "quad exercises" and find bodybuilding.com. There you can refine your search. I wanted exercises that didn't require weights (for example).

Mountain climbers
Heel raises
Kneecap clenches
Bridge variation with raised leg
The clam (variation with both legs lifted off floor)
Wall sit
Straight leg raises against the wall
Inner thigh leg lifts
Single leg jump
Single leg squat with a chair
Rear leg raises
Kneeling hip flexor (stretch)
Iron crosses (stretch)
Frog hops
All-fours quad stretch
Knee extensions
Isometric Quad
Kneeling quad stretch

These are just basic exercises but I wanted something simple to start out with. In a couple weeks I will adjust and change my routine. I hope you try some of these exercises if you haven't already!

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