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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Curly Girl Method: Week 2

The Beginning -- Why the CG Method?

I say week 2, although I've only washed and styled my hair using the CG method 4 times. I received the book in the mail a couple of weeks ago and read it cover-to-cover (DVD included) in a few hours.

Yes, I was excited to try it! It is said that it takes 6 weeks for your "real curl pattern" to emerge, or to "train" your hair. So this will be a 6 week initial journey to see how my hair develops.

My reasons for trying the CG method were simple:

1) I wanted to maximize my moisture retention
2) I'm tired of always having to combat frizz
3) It's a great, chemical-free way to nurture your hair

Learning about my hair I've realized that it's low-porosity, fine hair, 4C hair. Because of this I have to go about the whole CG method differently than it says in the book. 

I found an incredible website: mahogonycurls.com that has a whole section dedicated to the CG method featuring different hair types and textures. That site actually helped me figure out how to apply my products and what products are CG-friendly.

Current Products

I'm currently using:

1) Aubrey Organics GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner -- I use it as my pre-poo and to rinse my scalp. However it leaves a white residue so I think I'll leave it strictly as my pre-poo from now on. I also add my oil mixture to my hair as a pre-poo. Actually I apply the oil mixture to dry hair and then the conditioner. I leave it in for as long as I can stand. 

On Friday I had it in all day at work and then slept with it in overnight. I learned from some other low porosity, 4C, CG ladies that pre-pooing was a good idea to help with moisture retention. They found that their hair was dry without it. I also learned that it's best to apply moisturizer on low porosity hair when it is dry or damp, not wet. That way it will retain the moisture better.

2) Aubrey Organics White Camellia Ultra-Smoothing Conditioner -- This I will use as my cleanser but I previously used it as my detangler.

3) Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner -- This is used strictly as my detangling and leave-in conditioner.

My CG Method Application Process

My process is to pre-poo first in sections then I wash my scalp, rinse, then detangle. I will typically rinse out most of the conditioner (another thing I learned on youtube) then dry my hair with an old t-shirt. 

Once it's not dripping wet I apply the gel. If I don't do that I will have white residue in my hair and it will take a long, long time to dry. 

Interestingly I can get different looks. When I take the time to smooth gel in each section I end up with a big, defined, curly afro type style (sorry, no picture this time). When I do the "scrunching" like it says in the book, it turns out a lot more tame (picture down below). I like both ways.

I don't always do a wash-and-go because it takes forever (more than 15 hours) to dry and it's too cold to go out the door with wet hair. It will be so much easier in the summer. So I either wear my hair in a big ponytail or an updo.

For bed I tried the pineapple method but was not impressed. My hair was not completely dry the  first few tries so it ended up poofy at the roots and curly at the ends. In the morning I had to just style it in a ponytail.

I've adapted that method and instead make little loose ponytails. I tried four at first but now I think I'll stick with one. This help to stretch my hair at the roots so I don't end up with a big puff in the morning (unless that's the look I'm going for).

When I work out I just twists up my bangs and secure them with a bobby pin. I put the rest of my hair in a low ponytail with a headband.

What I like so far

I LOVE the curl definition! Once I'm able to let my hair dry completely without touching it I will be frizz-free! The crown and the hair that frames my face are the areas in my hair that are the hardest to combat frizz. However, I'm still learning and I won't give up.

Another thing I love is that it takes no time at all to do my hair. I thought it would be a long, complicated, process but it's the complete reverse. It also makes my hair big and full. Sometimes it's hard to feel that way with fine hair.

I've also noticed immediately how soft and moisturized my hair has become. I was worried because many people who have tried the CG method stated that the first few weeks their hair was dry and unmanageable. This was not so with my hair.

Once I get the whole technique down with the gel I'll be a lot happier with the results. I'm just really thankful that there are so many tools out there on the web and on youtube. They have been incredibly helpful to me. 

I hope my experiences with the CG method, which I intend to continue to document, can also help someone else.