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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 2013 Goals: Update

Just want to jump in here quick to let you all know that I've been sticking to my February Goals and I feel great. 

Two weeks ago, I did weight-training Monday and Wednesday and ran on Tuesday and Thursday. Last week I did my weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday and ran everyday except Monday. That's 4 days a week running and 5 days a week exercising in general.

I haven't done that since the summer. This week I plan to run 12 miles. Last week I ran 10 miles as my long run and then between 4 and 6 miles for the following days. This week I will do much of the same. 

Next week I plan to have a recovery week. So the longest run will be 8 miles and I will only run 3 times a week. Basically I have 2 hard weeks and 1 recovery week. I'm trying to stay injury free and I think this is the way to do it.

After my recovery week I will bump up my long run to 14 miles, then 16 miles, then a recovery week etc. Once I get up to a marathon level of miles I will start contemplating adding on another long run to my week (for a total of 2). That's mostly to start my preparation for the ultramarathon.

Anyway, that's my quick check-in. Let's see how this week goes.

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