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Saturday, August 25, 2012

My First Fall

It really could have been worse so I didn't complain at all. I just got back up after spraying some water on my injuries and continued my run. I fell pretty much at the beginning of my route so I had to run with stinging palms and a sore arm for about 12 miles. However, like I said, I was lucky.

I fell on a pretty flat stretch of ground on the dirt. Where I run (look at New Running Route for pics) there are a lot more dangerous places to fall. It would have been horrible to fall on some sharp rocks or tumble down a steep hill.

Honestly, I feel like these wounds are my coming of age scars or make me officially a part of the trail running club! Falling is simply inevitable on trails because of the unstable nature of the paths. Sometimes you come across steep hills, rocks, branches and other earthy debris. Sometimes even trees fall down in the middle of your route and you have to climb over or under them (yes, that's also happened to me). So it was no big deal.

The left side of my body from my butt/hip down to my knee will definitely be sore tomorrow with a nice bruise. It's already sore! 

The most important thing after a fall is not to develop a complex. The worst thing to happen is that you fear falling so much that you don't run or try to be "too careful" and fall again anyway. I'm just glad that I didn't twist my ankle or stub a toe or something really horrible that would prevent me from running. Now that I've fallen I feel good about it. Now I can move forward!

Have you ever suffered a particularly heinous fall from running, cycling or any other type of exercise?


  1. Oh my goodness. Thank God you're okay. You have a great spirit about the whole thing. I totally agree about not developing a complex. It was bound to happen sooner or later and now that it's over... you just keep on running. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Sam, I have to say that yes, I have. It was long time ago in the last class before going on holidays. I was running with my classmates when I had a tumble and I collapsed I can't remember how. They took me to the hospital due to the hit and that was unconcious. I had a very quiet vacation that year, more than I could stand, actually. However, I keep on loving sport(I don't know if this expression is correct) more than anything in life and I'm strongly convinced that, can be more dangerous a sedentary life than an injury from time to time. By the way,I'm glad to know you are ok. See you soon!

  3. That's it? I fell earlier this year and ended up with a bruised hip, bleeding knee, and scratched/sore hand and wrist. You got off easy!!!!