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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer is over!

I never thought I'd be so thrilled for summer to be over, but I am. While it's not "officially" over, the temperatures have dropped significantly making it so much easier for me to run.

But let's back up here a bit...

Yes, I am still here, alive and preparing for my second marathon (October 28th 2012)

This summer has been hectic for me so I have been completely MIA as you well know.

There were some unfortunate deaths of family members at the school where I work so I had to substitute teachers. It was a lot of work because I was just thrown in the proverbial deep end. Actually, the last two weeks of August I didn't do any running because I simply didn't have the time. I started work at 845am and didn't leave until 9pm!

I'm back on track so far even though yesterday was the first day of classes for the fall semester. I did a 20 mile run on Sunday and today I'll do a 6 mile run (RP or race pace) after work.

This time around I'm finding myself a lot more nervous about the marathon. I have a goal in mind (3:30) but I've had a sporadic training schedule what with work and life and such. So I'm nervous. I can't believe that soon I'll be tapering...

A lot has been going on but my most exciting news is my new running shoes! I got some super cute Asics. I'll take some pics and post them on the blog when I have another breather.

What about hair?

Well, as for hair...it's doing what it does. Last week I put in another henna treatment (Henna gloss). I've been doing well with that. I think I might do another length check at the end of the year just to see what my hair is up to.

Life is good though. I recently moved and me and the hubby are happy and healthy. Oh, our 1-year vegan anniversary comes up this month around the 20th. So I will definitely give my thoughts and show some recipes I've wanted to post for awhile but haven't gotten around to.

So happy October to you all and I hope to make my presence on the blog more regular in the future!


  1. Sounds like things have been hectic for you like they have been hectic for me. Hope all is well!

  2. I'll be wishing you lots of luck on your new marathon. I'm sure you will do just fine. Wow, 1 year vegan! It's great that you an hubby were able to do it together.