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Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 12 Hair: 3 MONTH LENGTH CHECK!!

Before I get into the length check and pics, here's another style that I wore when I took my protective style (twists) down at the end of the week. I just used gel to slick back the sides and then twisted the ends. Simple and got the job done.

Now for the length check. When I started my HHCJ back in May, I took pics but I didn't actually measure my hair. Go figure. The good thing is that I can tell that my hair grew, especially the bangs. 

However, I don't have any actual numbers to compare the growth to. That'll have to wait until my 6 month mark on November 6th (when I'm running my 2nd half marathon coincidentally).

My "sister-in-law"* took these pics because my husband was otherwise engaged. So they aren't identical to the ones I took in May. I did wear the same shirt though, so you can look at Hair Regimen Part 2: application to compare. 

*I put that in quotations because my huband's (Chema) brother (Bruno) isn't actually married. But I digress.

This side reaches my nipple. I was (am) super excited about that! I could definitely tell that it grew just by tugging on it.

Left-side back: 12.6 inches (32cm)

 For some odd reason, the right side is shorter than the left. Maybe because I sleep on my right side? I could be making that up but I don't know what else it could be. I realize that when I'm doing my hair this side does tangle more than the other. So I guess I need to be more patient with it. I'm not even sure if it's grown since May. I'll have to take another look at the pictures.

Right-side back: 10.6 inches (27cm)

 I can definitely tell this side grew. It was like halfway down my collarbone in May.

Left-side front: 10.2 inches (26cm)
 The same for this side. As you can see the measurements don't differ for either side.

Right-side front: 10.2 inches (26cm)

My bangs are where I noticed the most growth. In May my bangs only just reached my chin. In this picture you can see how I can pull it under to about the middle of my chin. It doesn't reach my neck just yet.

Bangs: 9 inches (23cm)
 To me the back looks comparable to the pictures from May. I'll have to see in November if there's any growth.

Back: like a silly person I forgot to measure it but it's past my shoulder blades

In general I'm happy with my progress and my growth. Now that I have the measurements I can be sure in November how much length I've retained. My hair is softer, healthier, more manageable and sheds less overall. I can't wait until the 6 month mark!

Week 13 Hair
  • Shampoo
  • Detangle with conditioner
  • Deep condition
  • Kimmaytube leave in
  • Twists


  1. your hair is long and lovely I'm so proud of all of your growth, the care and time you put into it. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Sprina for the encouragement! It's SO needed. But I'm having a lot of fun too and learning a lot. My next task is cornrows (I can do them on others but not myself!) and flat twists. That can really open up the style options. I'm just lazy and don't practice...at all! Although, funnily, we went over Chema's aunts house today and I was cornrowing his cousins' hair!