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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To eat sweets, or not to eat sweets...?


I decided a few days after my birthday that I would  

cut out all sweets for the entire month of August.  

I did it because I felt I had been eating too many lately, and to give myself a challenge. 

I say "too many" but I guess everything is relative. No one I know thinks I eat "too many." 

However, I felt I was indulging too much so I wanted to make myself more aware of what I was eating.

Today marks 2 weeks and 4 days

Last night I had a small ice cream bar. So yea, I cheated. I'm not beating myself up about it because I know it's not the end of the world. It just got me thinking.

These two weeks have been long! I haven't craved sweets exactly, but I feel like I've been doing this for at least a month already

The good thing is that I have super strong willpower. 

It's also good that I don't like candy, cake, pie, cupcakes, donuts, cheesecake, cream-filled things...I'm picky. I stick mostly to ice cream and cookies. (Spain doesn't produce any quality cookies, in my opinion.)

However, there are a million and one opportunities to binge on sweets at the in laws. They love sugar!

My husband and I went out with two of our friends last week. We went to my favorite ice cream shop (Piamonte) in Córdoba. A few days later we went with my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and his girlfriend. 

Tons of ice cream in my face and I wasn't tempted once. 

Last night I just felt like treating myself. So I said, what the heck, and enjoyed my ice cream.

Last year, when I was training, it was a lot easier. I would only eat sweets once a week: either Friday or Saturday. I scheduled them in! When I did eat something I would respect portion sizes. 

I was a no-sweet nazi! (That's what my husband liked to call me).

I mention it because I'm not even sure why I did it. It didn't help me run faster, or better, or longer. I have maintained my weight for two years now and have no problem doing it. I'm not on any kind of diet whatsoever.

Sweets are "bad", we should only eat them in moderation, some sweets are worse than others... 

We hear this all the time...maybe that's why I did it?

What would happen if I ate sweets everyday? 

I, personally, prefer to leave room in my daily caloric intake for something sweet. (Although I don't even pay attention to calories). Not to binge but to have an ice cream, or a baked good or some pudding or whatever I want.

I read a lot of blogs about people who make their own sweets or are really conscious about what sweets they eat. I definitely want to start making my own if just to know what I'm putting in my body. I also enjoy stores like Trader Jo's that have all-natural goodies.

In summary: I'm not sure whether to continue on my no sweet quest, schedule in sweets (meaning once or twice a week allotments), or have something small everyday. 

What is the magic answer?

On a side note I got this wine as a going away gift:

Pedro Ximénez: vino dulce de pasas

It's a sweet, after dinner wine, made from raisins.

We already have a lot of luggage so there's no way I can bring it with me. It's my favorite Spanish wine, period. So I have about (counting today) 6 days to drink it. 

Does that count as a sweet?


  1. I love ice cream, I used to love chocolate but rarely have it now meaning the last time I.had chocolate was a few months ago. The only other sweet I love is licorice, the strawberry kind from trader joes is heavenly. I get a sweet tooth.often but since I dont let myself buy sweets.i rarely get to calm the hankering. On the otherhand I love love love ice cream and get quality soft serve free from my job. I tried going cold turkey without it but I felt miserable and like I was unjustly punishing myself. I was on the path of starting a bad habit I was having 2 large cones a day! Now I have it a few times a week and only a small, literally small amount and toss the cone. I try to eat more fruit nowadays. When I do pay for my ice cream I no longer get a double scoop, so my thing is portion size. I honestly feel that we should be allowed to.treat ourselves as long as we recognize and take into consideration the calories. Now that I am exercising 6 days a week I feel ok wit having more sweets but I am actually having less! My advice is dont let it bother you to the point of insanity, indulge if you like but be mindful of starting any bad habits.

  2. Oh yea, I remember your ice cream obessession at Oberlin! Now that was some good free ice cream! I know that moderation is key and respecting portion size. I just sometimes feel like if I have something sweet I'm being "bad". Like exercising and eating right always has to be torture! Maybe I'm jealous of those people who can eat whatever they want, whenever they want.

  3. I say the magic answer is what makes YOU the most happy! If a sweet treat here and there (yummy wine included!) makes you happy, go for it! You only live once!! BUT, if the challenge makes you happy, then stick with it! I personally like to indulge in a little something sweet every night after dinner.. I figure if that's the worst thing I do for myself, then things aren't so bad :)

  4. I have a huge sweet tooth! I'm ok if I purchase things in single servings, but if I buy a huge bargain bag of something, I've been known to eat well past the point of feeling good about it.

  5. Good point! I definitely plan on finishing (or trying to) the wine. I won't be able to drink it again until who know when! So yea, what makes me happy! I don't know why I have such a hard time pampering/treating myself!

  6. @Stephanie: You sound just like my husband! Which is probably why I don't make my own sweets! lol. At least you know your limits and stick with the single servings! (I'm not sure my husband does...)