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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exercising after the marathon

Today I did some weight training. I wanted to run but it's raining (it rained all weekend too). It's supposed to continue to rain until Saturday. So instead of braving the rain I decided to do some weights.

I'd like to do a short run tomorrow morning but if it's pouring out...I'm not pressed at all.

What I did today was very basic. I just did some squats, lunges, wall sits, one-legged squats, butt exercises, back exercises, abs and pushups (diamond and normal). It felt good to do some strength exercises again.

Thursday I'll do something else. I wanted to start CrossFit Endurance but I've decided it's way too complicated for me to attempt right now.

First off, I'd need steady access to a track for the running portions and I don't. Plus a lot of the exercises require gym equipment, which I don't have. Then the majority of the strength training exercises are not new to me.

I've done the same things for so long that I want to try something completely new.

Yesterday I was thinking that for Christmas I need to buy some DVDs and maybe even some new workout equipment. Specifically a bosu ball, a kettlebell and a medicine ball. With those tools I can do the same type of exercises but with a whole new challenge.

This stuff I've wanted to try since forever but with me moving around from country to country every five seconds it hasn't worked out. My goal is this Christmas to get at least a couple things on my list.

However, I still need a routine for now. So I will do some more searching on the web. I think I'll probably hit Runner's World first and then figure out a game plan from there.

1 comment:

  1. Bosu balls are expensive! But they are great for the core and balance - as I am sure you know. :)