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Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 37 Hair

Want to know how to go from this

To this

In 10 seconds flat?

Well, wonder no more!

Janet Collection Afro Puff (Color 2)
CandidAnn, a youtuber that I love, hipped me to this afro puff after I saw her rocking it on her channel a few times. (She also has an awesome blog that you should check out as well). It is so realistic looking and SO EASY to put on! This is my first hair piece. So I needed something easy, and natural, for my first experience.

I doubt that I could even attempt to rock a wig. Plus, I'm not really into straight hair. This puff though was right up my alley. I kid you not on how realistic this thing is. My mother and siblings all thought it was my  hair! Seriously. I went to work and got compliments all day long. Of course, I didn't bother to tell my co-workers that it wasn't my hair.

What I do is I open it the widest I can get it and then just pin the ponytail on. Since I'm using it as another option for a protective style, I want it to cover as much of my hair as possible. I plan on wearing this all week to take a break from rocking twists.

As hair accessories go, I'm loving this one! I even purchased two more:

In May, I purchased two Goody Clips in black and brown but they are a bit small now to fit my twists in. I mentioned in this post that I like them more than ouchless bands because they never pull out my hair. This is a large one I purchased on Amazon. The headband is so cute! I have to get more of those. It jazzes up any style in 1 second or less.

Like I said, I will be rocking my afro puff this week and am excited about it. Underneath I have my hair twisted and pulled back into a bun. 

It is kind of awkward to place it on because my bun is big so I try to flatten it out as much as possible. With time I will become a master. Now I just need to figure out how to do flat twists! This is my favorite video explaining how to do them:

It's cute to have the flat twists in the front and the puff in the back. I know how to cornrow...other people's hair. When I have some time (and above all, PATIENCE) I will take a stab at practicing some more. For now I don't mind slicking the hair in the front and then just tying it down at night so I don't have to reapply everyday.

Other than that, I did a protein treatment and bought some other hair products since my staple ones are running low:
  • Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner -- 3 bottles for $19 on Amazon
  • Cantu Shea Butter -- I wanted to get my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie but my local area Targets and Walgreens had run out. Then they wanted to charge me $22 on Amazon! So I bought the Cantu for $5. I've been wanting to try it anyway.
  • More castor oil -- 32 oz bottle for $7 on Amazon
  • Darcy's Botanicals Organic Coconut & Aloe Moisture Pudding -- I've heard good things about this brand of products so I decided to try it. I, currently, don't have any styling products and this serves that purpose. It's supposed to help braids, twists, and locs look fresher longer.

Week 38 Hair

Detangle with conditioner
Deep Condition
Kimmaytube leave in


  1. Yay Afro Puff!! I need to mix it up in a few. I haven't done my hair in about a week in a half. Probably be another week or so before I do. We are in for the last pull before the big days. Good Luck Sam!! You will rock the marathon. I hope your family has places all over the race to be your photographers! We all want to see!

    1. Please, I NEVER mix it up! But I saw this puff and had to get it! I don't know how you can't do your hair tho. Mine gets all frizzy and I can't walk out of the house if I don't do it! lol. But now I have my puff! Stay tuned for marathon updates coming soon! Thanks for the support!

  2. Ugh, I totally commented on this post. I think something is up at work and it preventing me. I LOOOOVE the puff on you. It looks so natural. Thanks so much for the shout out. Can't wait to hear your update on the marathon.

    1. Thanks! Although when you first wore it on your channel I did a double take! I was about to ask you what products you were using to make hair grow that fast! lol. I'm enjoying the puff...and all the compliments! I just have to make sure it doesn't make me lazy about my hair. As for the marathon...I can't wait!

  3. The key to not doing your hair is not leaving the house lol! Just don't have time. But I combed it out yesterday, today I will wash, tomorrow I will style and that might be it until March lol.

  4. I do keep it in huge twists though under a scarf (protective style?) I ain't catching no mens, but they ain't at my house anyways lol.

    1. LOL! I think I'm gonna "pull a Lynzie" this week! After that marathon I DO NOT have the energy to do my hair. I'm going to moisturize my hair and retwist it and rock my puff until next weekend!