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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reflections: The Countdown

There are officially 10 days, 12 hours, and 24 minutes until the marathon! (...and counting...)

I am super excited.... and scared out of my mind. Plus this week (Week 2) I can't do any weight training and I only have 3 super short runs scheduled. I'm getting kind of antsy.

I feel like I have all this free time (and in free time I mean time that I usually would spend exercising) on my hands that I don't know what to do with.

That's coupled with this anxiety I can't seem to shake. So instead of driving myself NUTS I decided to do a little reflection.

There were a couple of runs I didn't get a chance to mention on the blog yet. Plus I want to let you all know about my race day routine.

Here I am at the end of Week 1. right before my run. I had to do my 8 miles on Friday because it rained all this weekend. I ran it in 1 hour 3 minutes.

My last long run

This took place on January 20th after work. I usually run on Sundays. However, it was planning on raining that weekend so I had to rework a few things.

The plan was to make this a true "mock run" for the marathon. I wanted to wake up at the same time, eat the same things, and wear the same clothes.

Since I had to go after work, the whole waking up at the same time thing didn't work out. I wanted to at least still eat the same thing though.

I've written about how I usually don't eat before a run because I get stomach problems tons of times. But I wanted to give it one more chance and see if I could do it.

  • So I ate an apple and a slice of whole wheat bread with almond butter 3 hours before running
  • 90 minutes before running I drank 16 oz of a sports drink
  • 30 minutes before running I ate a pack of Sports Beans with some water
  • Throughout the day I made sure to stay hydrated
Once I got off work I got dressed and and set out. This time around I ran a bit faster than my first attempt. I wanted to see if I could do it. Even though I knew this would NOT be my pace for the marathon.

Things went really great except that on the way back I did get stomach cramps and almost vomited. I didn't stop though (unlike last time) and finished in 2 hours 55 minutes.

I was really happy with this run. Again, I DO NOT plan on running this fast for the marathon. It was more of a mental challenge for me. Now I do feel like I can actually finish the race. I won't, however, eat anything before the race. 

Honestly, it doesn't seem to matter how much time I wait to run after eating. It still upsets my stomach. I didn't eat breakfast (although I got up at 7am). Instead I waited until 10am to eat my snack and then 1pm for the Sports Beans. I didn't refuel until around 430-5pm! A really big span of time. I don't recommend this. So I just have to do what works for my body and work on fueling better the next time around.


As far as fueling goes, I am going to mimic what I've been doing for all of my runs since my training started. I recently incorporated the Sports Beans. But I love how my body feels and my performance level while running.
  • Take 1 pack of Sports Beans 30 minutes before running with water
  • Take another pack around mile 18 (or as needed)
  • If I need to munch on a few more while running I will do so around miles 21-23
  • At the end I will take another pack with water to refuel
This should work for me. I will bring extra packs with me just in case but I doubt I will need anything else. I am usually very good about refueling after running. So I will be sure to munch on a banana or whatever else is available at the finish line.

Other than that, Week 2 is coming to a close. I ran 20 minutes on Monday and will probably skip my second short run this week. My feet need a break.

I went on a 2 hour walk today, which I feel was good to get my  muscles moving. I'll probably run my last long run of 4 miles on Friday so that I have the entire weekend to relax. Then my final week, Week 3, starts!


  1. AHHH are you so excited!?!? I KNOW you are ready to do this! And not only do this, but ROCK THIS MARATHON!! You have trained so hard and avoided injury - it is going to pay off!! I cannot wait to hear how it goes :)

  2. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW - Have fun and enjoy the RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Honestly, I had that mantra in my head from start to finish! "Have fun and enjoy the run!" So true!