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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My very first 25K: La Luisiana - Écija (Seville)

First off...HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope it's starting off well for everyone and that you're still sticking to your resolutions (if you made them).

I'm still running and still vegan. In another post, coming soon, I want to talk about some new healthy lifestyle goals that the hubby and I are thinking about incorporating.

However, this post is about the 25K I ran this morning. It had to be the most BORING course but it was fun anyway since running is always fun for me!

I got to Écija and then had to take a coach bus 15 minutes to the next town (La Luisiana) where the race started. It was a race from La Luisiana to Écija, which are both in the province of Seville in Andalucía.

The race was officially called: RUTA CARLOS III CIUDAD DEL SOL

There were tons of people because the prizes were really good. Even the 10th woman to place got a monetary reward and a trophy!

I came in 14th and then 5th in my category, so I didn't get any prizes. But I did run it 8 minutes faster than I expected at 2 hours. So I'm happy with that.

My next race will probably be the Seville Marathon that I ran last year. It's during the second week in February.

Like I said, more posts to come (including my long missed monthly favorites). For now, enjoy a few race pics.

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