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Monday, June 4, 2012

June Goals


There aren't any strict running goals for June. As I've mentioned previously, my training doesn't start until July 1st. June will pretty much just mark the winding down of my conditioning program and a renewed focus on training.


Stay Motivated

For this month I hope to stay charged and ready for what lies ahead. The last week of June I feel like I should cut back on my running distance, although I haven't definitively decided yet. Any running program starts off slow and then gradually increases.

So when I start training I'll go from 3 months of pretty adequate intensity to suddenly starting from zero and then climbing back up. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that. Of course I don't want to lose fitness but I don't want to push myself too much either.

What I'll probably do is just incorporate an extra day of weight training into my routine to maintain the intensity. Then juggle things as needed once training starts to increase in mileage.


Rest Better

Another thing I've been thinking about for June is to switch one of my long runs from the weekend to the week. Once Saturday hits I'm so exhausted from running and working that the thought of waking up early yet again doesn't appeal to me.

Instead of missing a day of running, or being inadequately rested for the following week, I think running on Friday will be perfect. All my days will stay the same except I will do a low-intensity run on Monday (switched from Friday) and my Saturday long run on Friday.

That way I will have one day of the week where I can sleep or simply not have to think about running or work!

What are your goals for the month ahead?


  1. My goals: 1. exercise!! 2. get back to my lonely, lonely blog (revamp it, really and start from scratch) 3. MY HAIR!!! 4. ORGANIZE my junk ... I guess that's it. Except these goals are def going to be more of a long term thing. Wanna help me?

    1. Um, yea, your goals are intense! They all take hard work and commitment...but I can help!