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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Post Marathon Thoughts


So, I had my first marathon-related dream earlier this week. I say "first" like all people who run marathons obsess about it to the point of dreams. Then again, if you have any idea what it takes to prepare yourself for a marathon....you know it IS a lot like obsession!

I was running my second marathon, or rather, a marathon that was definitely not my first. I know this because I was positive that I would have enough time to run a PR (personal record). I was completely relaxed throughout the entire run. So relaxed in fact that I was helping people along the course.

Friends and family members needed my help with this and that so I had to stop at various points along the course. Sometimes I would fix something, and other times, I would aid them in a task. The details on the actual tasks are fuzzy at this point.

Each time I stopped I was relaxed and confident that these little detours would not affect me finishing the race. However, at some point while I was running I got lost! I mean completely lost. I couldn't find the other runners or the route. Actually, the entire time I was running it was like I was running by myself because there were no other runners around me.

I was panicking at this point. I kept running back and forth trying to find my way with no luck. All of the previous confidence I had, had vanished. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to finish the race and the clock was ticking....

Strangely, I have no idea how this dream ended. Either I woke up suddenly or forgot what happened. The latter usually happens to me once the responsibilities of the day come flooding into my head. It was interesting though. 

Usually when I dream about running it's running away from some celebrity who wants to hurt me! Yes, I know, it's strange but true. This dream, though, was specific to marathons. Although it was stressful at the end I think it's sort of cool. Like I'm a new member to some kind of elite club.

In other post marathon news... I got the hubby to run!

Since I'm still in my recovery stage it's really the perfect time to introduce him to running. We've already gone out twice this week and will go out again on Sunday. The first time we did 30 minutes and the second day 40 minutes.

This is quite exciting for me because it's taken me since 2009 to get him running! He loves it, which makes it worth the wait. He is so happy and proud of himself after a run so I'm glad I can be there to encourage him. 

We are having a great time! It's also helping me not get super bored with these lax runs. I run at his pace typically so I can chat and such as we run. Who knew bonding and running went hand in hand?


I've also given some thought on my future running plans. In a later post I'll provide more details. But just to mention it here I think I will run another marathon in September and the Seville marathon again next year. Anything can happen when it comes to training so these plans are tentative of course.

Once my recovery period ends on March 17th I'll start a conditioning program. This will basically keep me in shape until I start marathon training for the September marathon in June. I have no idea what marathon I will run but it will be something close by. After that I should have ample time to recover for the Seville Marathon 2013 in February. 

During the conditioning program I don't think I'll run any races. Once I start training I'd like to run some smaller ones like 5Ks and 10Ks. I initially wanted to run the Córdoba half-marathon again in November but I think I'll wait until 2013. If everything goes as planned.

I'll detail my conditioning and training programs in later posts. Right now I'm just enjoying running with Chema without thinking about distance, time or pace. It's great!


  1. LOVE IT!! And he loves it?! Even better!! Maybe he will want to train with ya for an upcoming race!?

    1. I am SO PROUD of him! He's already thinking about running the Córdoba half in November! How cool is that?