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Monday, May 30, 2011

Protective Style #1

Today I wore a simple, don't-feel-like-doing-my-hair, style. Saturday, after I washed, deep conditioned, and applied my leave in (full details of my wash routine next week), I put medium-sized twists in my hair. I only went over the in-laws house on Saturday to see some of their extended family that came into town. So I wore the same style. Sunday was supposed to be a run day. However, I ended up opting to rest so that I could do weights and intervals on the static bike today. It is already pretty hot in Córdoba so I was sweating buckets like I usually do. As a result, to refresh my hair for the style I spritzed with some water and applied more of my leave in conditioner.

The hair clip in the photo I got from luvnaturals, which is an online store owned by a pretty well-known youtuber. You should check out her videos if you haven't already. I usually twist the front that way because I don't know what else to do with it. That hair only reaches my chin. So isn't long enough to go back in a ponytail like the rest of my hair. I don't know how to flat twist and I don't cornrow my own hair well enough yet to wear it out of the house. So to protect my ends, and still have it look decent, I create a twist bang. I think it looks cute.

My goal for this summer is to wear protective styles exclusively. The weather here is very dry and my hair type is prone to extreme dryness. Plus, I move around the city via motorcycle, meaning I have to wear a helmet. Protective styles are the most comfortable with the helmet and don't get desheveled as easily. I also make sure to wear a satin scarf over my head so my hair doesn't catch on the inner material of the helmet and create split ends.

So this is one of my favorite protective styles because it is super easy and is flattering to my hair type. Bear in mind that these photos were taken at the end of a long day including yoga, rain, and class. Next time I'll make sure to take pics when the style is fresh. Also, there is a lot of shrinkage due to twisting when my hair was wet. I might redo the twists in the front tomorrow to make them longer.

To maintain it for the night I will spritz with more water, probably apply some shea butter, and put on my satin cap. In the morning, I will again refresh with water, and if need be, add more product. Although, usually when I add shea butter I don't need to reapply. I'm not running until tomorrow night so my hair won't dry out as a result of sweating.

Usually, I shampoo/condition once a week (again, a full regimen outline will be given this weekend) but I am noticing some build up on my scalp. I might rinse my scalp with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. I'll also use my ph testing trips (also purchased at luvnaturals) to make sure I don't disturb my hair's natural levels. So....

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!


  1. Hey sis! So I am going to be INCREDIBLY DILIGENT about following/mimicking your blog. As you know my hair is thicker and shorter than yours, but I definitely don't take care of it very well. I do like knowing about more protective styles since I am biking now, so consider this one stolen. :)

  2. Cool! I'd love to hear your comments about things I've tried that you've tried and liked...or didn't like. This will be fun. I also like your idea of making a universal challenge. I think I'll introduce it this weekend and tell everyone to post a reply. Stay tuned...